Published in Now! Jakarta, February 2009

Queen Tatie of  Batujimbar.

In the 1960s, Jakarta film-maker Wija Waworuntu moved to  Sanur, in Bali—to start a new life with his young family of five. His adventures in Bali and those of his friends and family—became part of Sanur legend. Today the name Waworuntu is synonymous with Balinese cultural tourism (the late Donald Friend was Wija’s advisor and mentor); his hotel, the Tandjung Sari, was Indonesia’s first tropical boutique resort; and his grandchildren are the bright and beautiful young things of South Bali today!

On 10th January the extended clan all gathered at Batujimbar, the family estate—Bali’s equivalent to the Kennedy’s estate in Hyannis Port—for a Hindu-Balinese house-warming ceremony at the new home of family matriarch, Tatie Waworuntu. A great swathe of expatriate Bali and Jakarta society were there, plus a Balinese high priestess and her entourage, to make it all possible.

It was a sun-kissed, happy ‘Hindu Holiday’ affair—and a joyous re-union of sorts.

Tatie’s daughter, Riri, a legendary Sanur beauty, (like her mother).

Permanent Waworuntu court fixture, Peggy.

Balinese table settings.

(left to right) Society jeweller Jean-Francois Fichot, Yaya Waworuntu, Olof.


Frank Morgan & Ade Waworuntu.

Artist Timi Waworuntu.

Kathrine Carlisle, Chris Carlisle, Tatie Waworuntu.

Tatie’s grand-daughter, Sarah.

 Tatie’s daughter, Wita, manager of Sanur’s Tandjung Sari hotel.

Gilang Waworuntu.

Sanur stud-muffin, Wayan Siteng.

Dayu Intaran, the mistress of ceremonies.

Sanur high priestess who officiated at the ceremony.

Family consigliore Frank Morgan and Kathrine Carlisle.

Courtyard dining.

The dining pavilion.

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