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Breaking Fashion News: Jakarta
6 December 2008

Elegant Akad Nikah ceremony held in Kemang—for the marriage of Mahesa Arifin and Mariani Suwirya—with the now very extended, very glamorous Damais family—the first family of Anggawastra chic, pan-Indonesian fashion!

Bride and Groom (Mahesa Arifin & Mariani Suwirya)

For today's ceremony, the theme is all maroon and purple for the ladies and stelan kren Palembang-oise shirts for the men. Kain pelangi and kain songket ala Palembang are draped over sketsel and tables.

Society decorator Jaya Ibrahim is spotted in a corner in an indigo cheongsam, fanning the light fandango. ‘None of the old guard ladies (Barisan Mbah) have covered heads,’ he comments astutely (Komang Astuti), ‘look how the young ones are wearing headscarves.’

Ibu Herawati Diah, co-founder of the Indonesian Observer newspaper. which folded in 2001, and Ibu Suprapto are front row in Moghul hues. Ibu Mega (ex-president going for another run at the title this year) arrives in a pretty lilac ensemble and is escorted in by her now tall, handsome grandson Radite.
Ibu Mega’s secret service, in Solo batik shirts, guard the cake trolley.

Megawati Soekarno and M. Radite Suryaningtyas

Ibu Nel Hakim

Bapak Soedarmadji Damais

Renjani Damais, Jaya Ibrahim & Arifin Asmorodewi Damais

Madame Asmorodewi Damais & Ibu Terlina Suwirya

Nona Nova Saelan

Iga Mawarni

Ibu Hasri Ainun Habibie &  Ibu Herawati Diah

Asmorodewi Damais, Liliek Nugroho Notosusanto & Dewi Motik

Made Wijaya and Jaya Ibrahim

Bp. Erwin Indarto and  Bp. Salim

Ashley Bickerton, Jaya Ibrahim, Marie-Louise van Dedem & John Sanders

Ibu Rahayu & Bapak Sumaryo

Jaya Ibrahim

Renjani Damais-Arifin

Django Bickerton

Nova Saelan

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