Photos Gallery

Ngaben Sidakarya (March'07)

Australia Exhibition (Nov'06)

Nyonya's Party (Nov'06)

Penileman (Oct'06)

Banda Island (Oct'06)

Kepaon, 31 May 2006

Pura Batur
, 28 May 2006

Pengerebongan, 21 May 2006

Pelebonan Negara, 25 April 2006

Pelebonan Ketewel, 19 April 2006

Odalan Griya Kepaon
12 April 2006

Penyiraman Pedanda Bhegawanl
Ketewel, 11 April 2006

Ogoh-ogoh, Denpasar, Bali
29 March 2006

Melaspas Ceremony

Mertasari Beach, 29 March 2006

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